Visit to Apple headquarters is the wish of every fruit powder. .Although both can not take pictures inside, it is impossible to see the confidential Apple products, but the fruit powder still like inside Xia Guang, feel the Apple culture. .After visiting the headquarters of garden, fruit powder always found to Apple's headquarters store to buy some souvenirs. .The fruit powder here to Amoy to the wide range of the Apple logo merchandise, such as blankets, water bottles, T-shirts. .Today, we take you to stroll around Apple's headquarters souvenir shop, enjoy several Apple commemorative T-shirt. .

in the headquarters store to buy commemorative T-shirt with Apple every new store opening distribute commemorative T-shirt above .printed on the type of sentence, and some also particularly interesting. .Purple T-shirt emblazoned with "I visited the Apple campus but that's all I'm allowed to say." Hear the irony. .You do not expect mouth from friends visited Apple's headquarters dug. .

this blue T-shirt emblazoned with the sentence, especially rhyme: "I came, I SAW, I bought a T-shirt." .

this baby clothes too cute, Apple is to start with children, cultivating small fruit powder? .

the following items should be new, because the above sentence .Siri questions: "Siri, today's weather can wear T-shirts?"

In comparison, this is more a short phrase, iVisited .pun, follows the prefix of the Apple i also said that i visited (I a visit). .


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