Market research firm Piper Jaffray analysis of the global smart phone price is expected later this year, Apple will push low-end smart phones, involved in the low-end smart phone market this year, the size of the market is estimated at $ 135 billion. .Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster (Gene Munster) said that Apple may be developing markets such as China and India as the target release cheaper iPhone. .

Munster said: "We believe that the the Apple push low-end iPhone is very good, the first product margins will decline, but in view of the low-end smart phone market .scale (we estimate that in 2013 the scale of 135 billion U.S. dollars), which is likely to accelerate the increase in gross profit; Second, investors usually buy Apple stock before Apple push new products. "

Mongolia .Manchester reference to Germany, Britain, France, China, Brazil and India six market price of smart phones, low-end smart phone market. .He pointed out that the cheapest iPhone - iPhone 4 is still 133% higher than the average price of low-end smart phones, it is estimated that Apple will only push the highest market price of low-end smartphone. .

As for the other models of the Apple iPhone 5 competitors flagship product corresponding price 19% higher than any other mid-range smartphone iPhone 4S high price compared to 48%. .

Munster said: "Apple is not involved in the low-end smart phone market, we estimate that the 2013 low-end smart phone market is expected to reach $ 135 billion this important market." He pointed out that in 2013 .years of low-end smartphone sales will reach 540 million, an average price of 250 U.S. dollars, accounting for 60% share in the smartphone market. .

core markets in China and India, the low-end smartphone average selling price of $ 138 and $ 140, respectively. .iPhone 4 than the market price in China and India about 265% above the average price of low-end smart phones. .Previously, a similar report said Apple in sales of low-end smart phones, will be able to expand its share in the Chinese market three times the revenue will increase by billions of dollars. .

Munster predicts that Apple will be in the third quarter to push the $ 199 low-end iPhone to the end of the year, the sales of low-end iPhone will be about 37 million in 2014 will reach 9600 .million units in 2015 will reach 170 million. ..

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