In recent micro-letters constantly in the overseas market force to accelerate the process of internationalization, micro-channel is known as one of the three key words of Tencent cosmopolitan, known as the Japanese version of the micro letter said Line, has also been actively expanding overseas ., in last month's Line released the Chinese version officially announced its entry into the Chinese market, the face of such a large market share of the Chinese market micro-letters, Line foothold it? .

Line is a communication software on the mobile platform, despite fresh celebrity in the country in the Asian region has a very high visibility, in the official Android Market .Downloads even more than 500 million times. .The software features a user through a registered account and invite your friends to participate, you can make free calls, group chat, free text messages, such as a variety of functions. .This application is developed by the Korean company NHN Japan Branch, in October of this year, when the company announced LINE global users has exceeded 70 million (mainly to Japanese users), it comes to international issues ., the company also said that in overseas markets except China, LINE do not see real competitor. .

micro letter think we all tediously familiar, here is not to be introduced. .The micro now believed to have 200 million users in China, from last year, micro-channel gradually began its international road, increasing overseas users. .Micro-letter International Operations Director Justin Sunza interview said that the micro-channel main target markets are Asia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam, while also increasing the number of users in the United States and the Arab region. .

micro letter and Line relationship feel siege as you want to come in, one you want to go out, and will face in the process .the other side of the fierce competition, obviously Line you want to enter the Chinese market, micro-channel will be their biggest rival, and the international route Wechat same will face Line blocking. .

believe many of my friends are not familiar with what is the Line, the first a brief look at Line: used for the first time on the phone through the phone number binding registration, provide their own personal name and import contacts, the registration process .even if, in the registration process If you choose some allowed to automatically add friends into the application will automatically added to your Address Book Line Friends, this micro-channel automatically read the QQ friends and contacts friends .Similarly, if you do not want to add to the buddy, you do not want to add is best not to choose to automatically add friends this option. .

Line looks more like rice talk, but the usage is not the same, Line is a free Internet phone, which allows you and your friends make free calls over 3G or Wi-Fi, more suitable for cross-border .friends, in the case of ensuring network quality, if you have friends in foreign countries, Line can help you save a lot of international long-distance calls. .Of course, group chat and free SMS chat feature to be regarded as on Line a supplement. .Small mainly simple evaluation Line Chinese version of the function to see the Chinese version of the line in the Chinese market and micro-letter what kind of spark clashes. .


micro-channel main interface is a friend and a variety of micro-plug message Line's main interface is a buddy list, click .Friends avatar can chat send free text messages, free calls or to view the personal home page with friends (a bit similar to the micro-letter friend circle), relatively similar to its chat interface and micro letter, you can directly in the input window, enter the text and Friends text chat ., or click on next to the + button to send photos, video, voice, and location information to a friend content, in addition to the installed Line extension applications Line Camera and Line Card, you can also send to a friend with various effects .photos and greeting cards, the Line Camera can be said to be an excellent complement to the previous send photos. .

Line in the chat function to Xiaobian been most impressed by the massive custom mapping expression, especially for girls, these expressions have .enough destruction, first use the mapping expression is downloaded to your phone in order to use Line also provides a large number of high-quality toll mapping expression for download, even the recent fire Jiangnan Style has sets of plans, maps expression, allegedly .The in Japan these charges expression Line main source of income, you can also map these charges gift to a friend. .Compared to the Line rich custom mapping expression, expressive function of the micro-channel is somewhat weak, of course, micro-letters can also install the plug-in to add a variety of expressions. .

the Add Friend options, and chat interface can invite many friends to join a group chat, and whisper function difference, also support send pictures, video and expression, and many other functions. .

voice calls

Click friends head in the pop-up menu, select a free call free voice calls can be with friends, regret .Line does not support the video call feature, and micro-letters in the 4.2 version has joined the video call feature, so at this point, the Line and micro-signal ratio or the rival. .

Add Friend

Line support by shaking a shake, the associated phone contacts friends, two-dimensional code scanning and added account Find .friends Add Friend, Line, and micro-letters essentially similar, of course, micro believed to add QQ friends, there is no way to achieve this Line. .The dynamic news

This is a function similar to the circle of friends and micro-letters, the profile of the "other" option when you post text ., pictures, video, and location information, your friends can be viewed in the dynamic message content you publish can praise or comment directly. .

this application from either the function or interface, and micro-letters similar to, if you're looking for a micro-channel alternatives, perhaps Line is a good choice, but the face of the number of users of the micro-letter two hundred million .Line would like to gain a firm foothold in the Chinese market, there is still a long way to go, m talking micro letter will usher in a new competitor. .

Download: Line official website (iOS, Android, BlackBerry, PC, Mac multi-platform) .

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