Microsoft has quietly the price of the Mac version of Office increased up to 17%, and stop the sale of multi-authorization of the Office suite. .Microsoft In doing so, the price of the Mac 2011 version of Office up to the same level with the latest Windows version of Office 2013. .In addition, price increases and cancel authorize another Office suite, Microsoft Office 365 competitiveness has been enhanced compared to the traditional "permanent" authorization Office suite, the former is a subscription model-based software ., Microsoft has been actively promoting the sale of this software. .

currently unclear Microsoft is increased when the price of the Mac version of Office, the U.S. IT website Computerworld said the view from the first search engine Cache, February 2, had .; find this new price, so Microsoft should be increased before that date that the price is likely to be in the January 29, that is released Office 2013 and Office 365 Home Premium the day. .Microsoft press release issued on that date, the company did not mention the change in the price of the Mac version of Office, did not publicly announce this initiative on the Mac website. .After the price increase, a single license of Office for Mac Home & Student price is currently $ 140, a 17% increase compared with the previous $ 120; Office for Mac Home & .; Business the price of $ 220, compared to 10% higher than the previous $ 200. .New price with Office 2013 for Windows the same, the same percentage of mark. .Microsoft has stopped the sale authorization Office suite the previous three authorized Home & Student pricing is $ 150, double-authorized Home & Business is priced at $ 250. .This means that users now want to buy the Home & Student of three licenses need to spend $ 420 higher than the previous 180%; two authorization need to spend $ 440 you want to buy Home & Business .76% higher than previously. .The industry pointed out that Microsoft to raise prices and stop selling to authorize the Office suite is obviously intended for individual consumers and small businesses turn to use Office 365 two subscription plan. .Office 365 Home Premium plan the package annual subscription price of $ 100, the monthly price of $ 10, single family authorization, allows the subscriber to be installed on up to five Mac Office for Mac Home & .Business; install Office 2013; on up to five Windows computer or installed on any the five Windows computer and Mac. .Office 365 Home Premium plan is launched on January 29. .Office 365 Small Business Premium package plan annual subscription price of $ 150, allow up to five Office for Mac Home & Business and / or Office installed on the computer that is an employee owned .; 2013. .In other words, if a number of employees only 3 small businesses want via a subscription model for these employees are equipped with genuine Office, the annual cost of $ 450. .Office 365 Small Business Premium plan will be launched on February 27. .If Microsoft did not take price increases and cancel authorize the Office suite, then the original user will find subscription plan in many cases are no concessions. .However, the permanent authorization Office suite higher prices, so when users need to deploy four or five sets of Office, Office 365 will be a better choice. .Office 2010 on Windows the pricing issue, Microsoft has suffered the same dilemma, the company also increased the price of Office 2013 authorized, to make it with Office 365 "hired but does not own (rent- .not-own) compared to the scheme does not become less attractive. .However, users can still the original lower prices to buy Office for Mac 2011. .Microsoft has to improve its online store prices - Apple's online store also increased prices, the store also sells the Office suite - but other retailers have not taken price increases. .For example, ending on Saturday, the Office for Mac 2011 the price of a single license download format on for $ 116, the lower the price of the three authorized "family pack" version is only $ 109. .In addition, on single license of Office for Mac Home & Business Price is $ 176. ..

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